Edrin Axeslinger

Slinger of Axes, Defender of Squishies.



A thick, broad-shouldered mass of proud Dwarven stock, Edrin’s heritage could never be in doubt to any possessing the most rudimentary faculties for assessing such things, his person practically bellows it out. His mouth frequently does likewise to any who will listen. He stands just over four feet tall, with a flowing auburn beard just shy of that length and a matching mane sticking out from a heavy, pointed steel helm, his hard, assessing green eyes seeming unfitting in an otherwise jovial face. Edrin most often wears a full suit of dull-colored platemail which he seems far too comfortable in, covered in a dark cloak. Sheathed on his back is a massive (by Dwarven standards) battle-axe with a strange carving resembling a face made of flowing water, glowing a very faint blue.


Edrin is the last of the proud Axeslinger clan of Hill Dwarves, a solitary warrior clan whose duty for centuries has been to protect the hills around Citadel Felbarr, acting as the overland army and defenders of the civilian population below.

Fifty years ago, clan Axeslinger was disbanded by King Tademek, the vain, complacent ruler of the Citadel too greedy to support his protectors. The clan abandoned the city to its fate and eventually dwindled to just Edrin himself. This total lack of any ties has inspired fierce wanderlust, which an adventuring lifestyle satisfies.

Edrin Axeslinger

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