Jay (BrandyFoot)

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Raised in the lifestyle of rules and order, albeit illicit, a code governs all. Comfort and security are found following orders that benefit the group. The benefits of organization and regimentation outweigh any moral questions raised by their actions. He respects the idea of station in life and will act as he should, given his station. Written contracts and verbal agreements will be honored and will not break the contract unless there is an honorable way to do so. Deception is only used when fulfilling previously arranged tasks that require dishonesty.

And sometimes… somebody’s gotta get wacked


When jay was very young he was raised on a family vineyard called Winefoot Grove. His family had been on that bit of land for as far back as their oral history took them. The Winefoot family took their name from the stained red feet many of them had. Three or four generations back a human business by the name of Oaken Crossing offered to distribute all the wine sold by Winefoot Grove for a small sellers commission. Relived to not have to do the busy work of the wine business the the Winefoot family agreed. Unbeknownst to the Winefoots the Oaken Crossing manufactured papers that showed sale and ownership of the property with the Winefoot family as farmhands simply working the land. It took a long time for the Winefoot family to even notice they didn’t own the land, they just assumed the Oaken Crossing was paying them for the wine they bought and distributed, not paying them to work the land.

Jay’s grandfather Ha’ache was young, strong and working the land when it was discovered that they no long held the rights to the land. The Humans built a few buildings with impunity and then began to pay the Winefoots less for their work and wine. Some objected and refused to work. They were kicked out of their homes and physically forced off the property they had enjoyed for generations. Some left the Winefoot Grove for adventure and took up the name Lightfoot, others didn’t go far and took up the name Beggerfoot, while many stayed, worked the land and began drinking heavily. It was actually the humans that renamed the family Brandyfoot as a joke because of their drunkenness.

It was painfully obvious that drinking the wine and homebrew brandy was part of his family’s downward spiral. Few had managed to keep the family name of Winefoot. One time it was suggested to Jay that his constant sobriety had earned him the Winefoot name. He declined, citing the need to remember his origin. Years later the same person told him he had earned the name Deathfoot and it would be an honored title for him. Again he declined mentioning the need to remember his origin.


Jay was adopted at a young age into a human organized crime syndicate.The Brandyfoots lived in poverty and squalor surrounded by chaos. In his new family he was taught a morally gray version of honor, loyalty, and discipline by his new human family. A code of conduct that obeyed a hierarchy was always present; do not steal for greed, do not kill out of anger, do not lie out of shame, but do all on command. Following orders for the good of the family and the good of the syndicate regardless of the cost was the glue that held them together and inspired loyalty and obedience in young Jay.

He was immediately set to work by his new family at first hustling the streets, later a spy and finally as an assassin. His small stature allowed access to the human world either by squeezing through tight spaces or simply dressing up as a lost human child. Jay mingled in the upper echelon of human society with his targets for information or murder looking down on him. The larger humans seemed to be either condescending because he was a Halfling or patronizing because he was playing at being a feeble child.

Jay (BrandyFoot)

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