K'lara Masbeorn

Fireballing Mage of awesomeness



At first, she appears to be a plain, rather unremarkable being. 26, 5’5, blond, and sturdy, K’lara looks like any girl fresh from the farm. It’s not till you gaze into her eyes, that you understand that this one is fire through and through. Trading in her priestly vestments for traveling attire, K’lara tries not to draw attention to herself or her powers. Though quiet at times, she is quick to react which sometimes gets her (and others) singed in the process.


K’lara Masbeorn’s family had worked King Linthas’s land for generations. Linthas was a kind and noble king and her family prospered. K’lara grew up happy, loved, and educated. From a young age, K’lara had abilities and was especially good with controlling fire. Thinking this was a gift from Pelor, she molded her entire life around Pelor and joining the order. Unfortunately, soon after being accepted to the order, she found out how wrong she was. K’lara suppressed her powers and tired to focus on helping the people. The problem was, the more she ventured to far off places to preach the good works of Pelor, the hard it was to believe it. These people starved, suffered, and anguished why? Becuase they could not obtain the attention of their god. She soon decided that the gods, if they did exist, had no attention span for this land. After an especially hard time freeing a town from the control of a Naga, K’lara broke and turned to the fire that always called to her. Breaking free of the strictures of the order, K’lara now tries to find her true calling.

K'lara Masbeorn

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