D&D Next: The Desert of Desolation

A brief interlude

Pritt followed his nose to the site of the carnage, which turned out to be a Thune encampment situated at the base of a craggy hillside which offered some shade from the mid-day heat. The bloated bodies of a pair of camels lay twisted in agony near the edge of the camp, burned almost beyond recognition.

The buzzing of flies was the only sound to break the silence, and the gnome scanned the skies for a moment in apparent consternation. Strange that the vultures had not yet arrived to feast, he thought momentarily. Also missing were the ubiquitous jackals and hyenas which soon followed.

Reaching into a pocket hidden amongst the folds of his tattered robe, the gnome produced a silver spoon, worn with use, yet untarnished. It caught the light of the noontime sun and gleamed like a beacon as Pritt examined the implement, passing it from one hand to the next, apparently lost in thought.

The Efreet’s army grows ever more destructive and approaches the Tomb of Amun-Re He wondered if the pyramid’s guardians would rise to meet the threat. It was at that moment that Pritt resolved to speak to the sphinx Neferu, now free of his charge yet still loyal to the long-dead Pharaoh. The beast was wise, Pritt knew, and also powerful. Perhaps he would have some answers.

A small pack of hyenas appeared suddenly from a cleft in the hillside, no doubt drawn to the stench of carrion. What took you so long? Pritt mused, smiling wryly. Seeing the gnome, the hyenas began to whine and back slowly away, ears pinned to their skulls, eyes wide with growing panic.

“Fear not ye smelly beasties, I mean ye no harm”

At that, the hyenas turned and ran, yipping and cackling as they disappeared into the nearby dunes. Pritt smiled, pocketed his spoon once more, and set off in the direction of the Pyramid.


Hmm…. Fascinating.

A brief interlude
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