Abd ul-Hariq (aka Abdul Hariq)

Thune priest, warrior, and sage


Male human, early 30s, dark-skinned, dark brown hair and full beard. Dressed in robes over black chain mail, carries a pike, with a bundle wrapped around a spear strapped to his back. A hawk, Shahin, usually perches on a shoulder.


Born and raised in the so-called Desert of Desolation as a member of a Thune tribe, Abd was indoctrinated into the worship of a tribal war god. Later, living in the Oasis of the White Palm, he was converted to the worship of Anu by the Symbayans. As a young man, he set off to study and adventure.

(Formerly kept secret: During his time away, he traveled to the famed City of Brass, where he was enslaved by the efreet and learned powerful magic. Now a willing servant of his fiery masters, he was sent to release Khalitharius from his long imprisonment, and prevent the fulfillment of Martek’s ancient prophecy, freeing the Pasha to wreak vengeance and ruin.)

In Durpar, he and others were gathered by the sage and astrologer Aman al-Raqib to investigate the ancient prophecy of Martek, and find the Star Gems needed to recover his Sphere of Power, in order to protect the land from the reappearance of the efreeti Pasha, Khalitharius. While exploring the sunken ruins of the city of Pazar, his companions accidentally released the efreeti, and Abd barely escaped with his life.

Abd ul-Hariq (aka Abdul Hariq)

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