D&D Next: The Desert of Desolation

Jay buys the farm

At long last Jay had arrived home. Much had changed in his absence and still, much had remained the same. More of the human homes doted the valley than ever before but the groves, trees, and hills were all as he remembered. The Vinyard stretched in every direction as it had for as long as the halfling’s verbal history recounted. It looked like home, smelled like home and as he passed an olive tree he snached a leaf and put it into his mouth, and now it too tasted like home. He could feel his home in his bones.
His charger slowly clopped down the main road to the prime village of his ancestors. A once meager cluster of hobbit holes is now a small human town with shops, blacksmith, livery, and more. At it’s center was a long hall where tall beautiful treed once stood. As Jay approached a hunched man stepped out of the hall and gave what Jay could only call a wicked smile.
“Mr. Brandyfoot I’m assuming " he called out cheerfully with a wave. Jay led his horse to the man and nimbly leaped down.
“Mr. Olly Oakes” Jay replied politely “good to see you again”. Olly’s eyes went wide in surprise that Jay knew him by name.
“Ahh,we’ve met, you’rea local Brandyfoot.” He smiled “forgive me but I do not remember a halfling half so tan. And I have a hard time with small faces to be sure. The halflings are always coming and going, it’s hard to keep track”.
Jay did his best to turn his grimace into a smile. "Ah yes, I have been to a desert and have darkened some and we are small like cotton wood seeds and are known to drift in the wind
“Yes, yes” Olly agreed. Jay’s grimace returned with venom when Olly turned around to lead him into the hall. In truth halflings were not known to wonder typically. More did from this area to flee poverty and slave like conditions.
Inside the hall was a long table with benches on either side. The hearth was cold and the room vacant. “You are half a day early, we hadn’t expected you until later. I was just sweeping up the place, your lucky to have caught me”. Olly picked up the broom and began on move a pile of dirt on the floor. A smile shined brightly in Jay’s eyes when he saw the discomfort in the hunched man’s attempt in sweeping.
“We made better time then I expected. We can start early if you can round up the elders and deed holders.”Jay said. “You don’t need to sweep sand on my account, I just came from the desert after all” Olly smiled and mistook the offer as a mercy for his crippled back.
As Olly left the hall 4 large Thune and two Symbian men walked into the room hauling emaculat chests. They looked to Jay for where they should be placed. Jay nodded toward the long wooden wall. As they were placed people already began to arive. A handsome blond man was the first man to enter. He bowed and proceeded to move to the long table. Jay intercepted the man and put his hand out to shake.
“Mr. William Oaken” Jay said with a large smile hand extended . The man sheepishly put his limp crippled hands into Jay’s and shook it the best he could. Jay pretend to be surprised at the misfoarm hand and then pretend to pretend not to notice. “It is so good to see you after so much time”
Next entered 3 older men dressed rather lavishly and Jay greeted them by name. Two brothers walked in leaning heavily on canes arive followed by four younger men with long cloaks. A grim eyed man entered and sat without saying a word . Jay ignored the lack in formal greeting but also secretly knew about the accident that had left the man mute. Finally a young blind man with scars over his eyes and two more men with crippled right hands entered the room.. In all twenty and one human men were present for the meeting with the half Ling and almost half we crippled in one fashion or another . There were also four armed guards near the door. The guards were simple brutes with crude iron swords and no armor. The head guard was a strking man with a silk bow tied to his beard.
“Thank you everyone for meeting me. You have reviewed both my offers? Have you decided”? Jay asked flatly.
“We have” announced one of the elderly men seated at the center. “If you can afford the apologies, we can make them. Can you afford the coin you propose?”
“I can” Jay said calmly and nodded to the Thune next to the chests. One by one the dark skinned man opened the chests to reveal large amounts of gold and silver coins. "See for yourself "
the a few able to move freely stood and moved to the trunks and stared for a moment before running their hands through the riches. Their eyes went wide with greed. “Yes, they ate full and true” a man said with a crack in his voice.
“How many chests without the apology? " interjected a younger man.
“Axle, enough. We have been over this” shouted another elder. Axle sat back resigned.
“Half as many if that is your wish” Jay allowed. In truth, the second offer more accurately represented what the Vinyard was worth. Jay liked to think that buying his family land back at market value was a fair and honorable approach. He also thought that baiting a trap like the one this family had used to steal his birthright was also just. Giving them the option, well, that seemed like poetry somehow.
“We accept the offer and will apologize in writing and verbally for the acquisition of these lands by our great elders. You offer enough means for our family venture to move on, however we want all persons willing to stay to be free to do so. Agreed? "
“Agreed” Jay said with a smile. “You have signed the agreement and deeds”?
“Yes” said the elder and a man with a crippled hand handed Jay the paperwork. Poetry. Jay quickly read the document and checked for all the signatures.
“Perfect, everything is in order and is as it should be” Jay said beaming. Jay snapped his fingers and the chests clamped shut magically. “Thank you for your time”
“What is the meaning of this” demanded the elder.
“You admit to stealing and thereby not truly owning the land. The gold in the contract is for the owner, which happens to be my family. Good day” Jay smiled like a shark.
“Stop him” cried the elder
“Get back that contract” the second elder demand
The four brutish guards made only one step in their advance before Jay spun with his clock twirling around him. Knives flew in all directions. Not one drop of blood was spilled. The four guards looked and their shirts and pants were pinned to the the wooden wall. The sticking man had his beard pinned to a beam by the bow.
Jay drew his stone rapier slowly and confidently. “We can fight over it if you like, but I would hate to cripple even more of this room”


This was written ony phone on the Bolt Bus. Forgive the weird typing stuff.

Jay buys the farm

I love it. Now where is the rest?!

Jay buys the farm
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